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Skimmer padding pool with fountain

The facility is a perfect solution for a small house or garden area. Structurally designed primarily for the safety and comfort of children with non-slip bottom and the depth of 0,6 m. Due to the small amount of water in the basin - that is approximately 1,6 m3 - you can completely forget about chemistry treating and easily replace water as often as you wish. I addition, the pool act as a fountain giving stunning, visual effects providing extra sensations for senses. Stainless steel looks extremely effective giving the water turquoise color enhanced by the play of light, making the architecture of your living space extraordinary unique and attractive.

Skimmer padding pool with fountain, recessed
Skimmer padding pool with fountain, recessed
External dimensions: 1700x3200 mm
Dimensions: 1500x3000 mm
Area of the water mirror: 4,5 m2
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